Evans Consulting Employees Achieve Elite Strategic Management Certifications

Falls Church, VA – In a demonstrative move that strengthens its commitment to the mission fulfillment of its customers, Evans Consulting has announced that fully 20 percent of its consultant workforce have earned two distinctive credentials in the disciplines of strategic planning and strategy management:

This initiative represents the embodiment of relentless progress within the management consulting industry and serves as a testament to the company’s enduring commitment to professional growth. These high-caliber certifications underscore the exceptional rigor and comprehensive knowledge that is now synonymous with the Evans Consulting brand.

The 17 individuals receiving both strategic management certifications are a diverse and talented group: Alex Howarth, Annabelle Garcia, Chris Swisher, Christian Bielski, Ehren Hollander, Emad Elias, Jacob Dobersztyn, James Felton, Jay Bradley, Jesse Lambert, Joni Smith, Mercedes Sotomayor, Preetinder Dhindsa, Rasha Fakhreddine, Russell Rubin, Shannon Stearman, and Tara Stearman.

“The deep drive to build upon our expertise and leadership in strategic planning that our team exhibits with this accomplishment catapults not only their careers, but our collective capability to deliver breakthrough strategies that align to and enable mission success,” said Stephanie Perlick, Chief Operations Officer at Evans Consulting.

Jesse Lambert, who coordinated and led the learning cohort, reflected on the comprehensive impact of this achievement, “Evans believes in the power of growing both our consultants’ expertise and our clients’ organizational excellence through commitment to strategy. Our collective pursuit of these rigorous credentials has sharpened our skills in strategy facilitation and advisory. More importantly, though, we are now even better positioned to enable our clients to clarify their mission and business goals and realize their visions for an ideal future.”

Acquiring these certifications showcases excellence in all aspects of strategy consulting, resulting in a higher level of service for Evans Consulting’s clients. By blending strong academic principles with practical real-world applications, Evans Consulting empowers its clients with advanced skills in strategy formulation, organizational transformation, strategy execution, strategy governance, and stakeholder engagement. By leveraging Evans’ expertise, clients can drive innovation, navigate complex challenges, and achieve tangible strategic outcomes for sustainable success.

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