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Co-creating healthy communities

We believe in the transformative potential of mission-driven work for communities and the world. Our expertise lies in enhancing the performance of major nonprofit organizations, ranging from global entities like CARE and National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) to local groups. Many of our team members have firsthand experience working in nonprofits.

How we help

We support nonprofits with strategic planning, team-building, planning and communicating change, DEIA, and strengthening a purpose-driven culture.

The “Evans Way” to organizational impact

Collaborating with Evans gives you a dedicated ally in enhancing your nonprofit organization. We are committed to helping you excel in every dimension, from fine-tuning operational efficiency to nurturing a culture centered around people.

Count on our expertise and unwavering dedication to support you in achieving lasting excellence.

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A large institution hired Evans Consulting to overhaul its outdated and error-prone process of collecting and analyzing time-series data from over 180 countries. Evans collaborated with department leaders, staff, and HR experts to implement this transformation. Through three projects spanning several years, Evans used a human-centered approach and technical know-how to enhance the institution’s operational procedures, offering a comprehensive solution to workforce requirements.


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