Evans Consulting Recognized as 2023 Northern Virginia Champion for Accountability

Champions for Accountability 2023-2024 Badge

Falls Church, VA – Evans Consulting is proud to announce its certification as a 2023 Northern Virginia Champion for Accountability. This prestigious badge is awarded as a result of Evans Consulting’s commitment to corporate diversity and its willingness to collect, share, and act on data regarding the demographic composition of its owners, senior staff, and boards.

The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia and the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce have partnered on this joint initiative, which aims to recognize employers in Northern Virginia who are taking proactive steps towards fostering diversity and inclusivity within their organizations.

As a certified Champion for Accountability, Evans Consulting has demonstrated its dedication to the following actions:

  1. Providing a voluntary and safe platform for staff, senior leadership, and board members to self-identify their demographics and regularly share the findings with the entire team.
  2. Regularly reviewing and updating position descriptions and requirements to create a broader pool of potentially qualified candidates. Evans Consulting believes in skills-based hiring to ensure equal opportunities for all.
  3. Identifying and recruiting from candidate pools that represent a diverse cross-section of talent. Evans Consulting understands the importance of building a team that reflects the rich tapestry of our society.
  4. Developing clear and attainable pathways for staff to advance into management and leadership positions. Evans Consulting believes in nurturing and empowering its employees to unleash their full potential.

By embracing these actions, Evans Consulting has demonstrated its passionate commitment to making a positive change within the organization and the community. The company firmly believes that real-world impact starts from within, and they are eager to inspire and empower others to embrace diversity and accountability.

Evans Consulting’s certification as a 2023 Northern Virginia Champion for Accountability not only reflects their dedication to diversity but also their commitment to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace environment. Through their actions, they demonstrate that diversity is not just a buzzword but an integral part of their core values.

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About Community Foundation for Northern Virginia (CFNOVA)

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