The power of music on mood and productivity 

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A special musical series including Spotify playlists

Embrace the power of music to transform your mood and supercharge your productivity. In this 8-week series, Evans Senior Consultant Preetinder Dhindsa will illuminate the profound links between music, psychology, and well-being – a trifecta that can revolutionize your personal and professional life. 

With over two decades of experience in Indian classical music and sound therapy, Dhindsa has honed an exceptional toolkit of music designed to alleviate mental and emotional stress, as well as enhance moods and mental clarity. His expertise lies in harnessing the potential of sound to facilitate precise emotional expression and promote healing. 

His background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and Applied Research. Dhindsa’s musical journey began in his early teens when he was captivated by Sikh music and the mesmerizing sounds of the Dilruba, a unique instrument from the Sikh tradition dating back to the early 1700s. As his understanding of Sikh/Indian classical music deepened, it became a catalyst for his psychological resilience during the challenging teenage years. 

His passion led him to study under Prof. Surinder Singh, a pioneering figure in the realm of sound and health through Sikh music. Dhindsa’s dedication to learning earned him the opportunity to tour with his mentor, sharpening his skills in using sound for emotional and mental healing. This experience, coupled with an internship at a mental health clinic, paved the way for Dhindsa to integrate Sikh musical therapy into his own practice. 

Over the years, Dhindsa has gained an incredible depth of knowledge in Sikh music and Indian classical music. He has passed on his wisdom to hundreds of individuals, fulfilling his commitment to serving humanity through music. 

A message from Preetinder Dhindsa introducing the series: 

Music is a potent tool that can help you navigate life’s complexities, both professionally and personally. It’s easy to lose sight of our essence amidst the whirlwind of daily tasks and stressors. Simple acts like taking a walk or closing your eyes can offer temporary relief, but music offers a transformative experience. It rejuvenates, redirects, and refreshes our mindset. 

Expression is vital. It lends us a sense of validation, comprehension, and emotional and mental liberation. While words have their limitations, music transcends these boundaries. It speaks to our physical, mental, and emotional selves in ways words can’t. 

Indian classical music serves dual purposes. On one hand, it offers entertainment, becoming the soundtrack to your workout or commute. On the other, it provides a pathway to self-discovery and spiritual connection, helping you understand and express your emotions through sound.  

Harnessing the power of sound to shape our emotional landscape, I’ve developed an evolving toolkit of musical soundtracks to augment your mood. Currently, it encompasses eight Raags, each a marvel of science and artistry, designed to facilitate accurate emotional expression through sound. These Raags possess distinct emotional resonances, and gaining insight into them can enrich our understanding of this venerable musical tradition. 

Take, for example, Raag Kalyan. This is my go-to when faced with daunting tasks that seemingly border on the impossible. It channels an energy that converts the ‘impossible’ into the ‘possible.’ Whether the Raag is performed vocally or instrumentally, it harmonizes my mental state almost instantly, always delivering results. The power of this Raag lies in its intentional composition to evoke the feeling of accomplishing the improbable. 

Much like the English alphabet’s twenty-six letters, the emotional language of sound recognizes twenty-two fundamental emotions or microtones. These are universal truths, akin to a rainbow’s universal appeal, regardless of geographical location. 

In the times of Ancient India, enlightened yogis and sages unveiled a method to bridge communication between the left and right brain, the mind and soul, the heart and mind. It’s astounding to consider how the twenty-six letters of the alphabet can craft an infinite number of stories and books. Similarly, the twenty-two emotionally charged microtones can generate a limitless array of Raags. The possibilities for expression are boundless! 

Think of a Raag as a dish, perhaps a chocolate cake. To bake that cake, you need the right ingredients in the correct proportions, combined using a specific technique. The process of creating a Raag mirrors this. The primary difference lies in the ingredients – instead of flour or sugar, we use emotions. Each Raag dictates the emotional elements required, their quantities, and the method of combining them. Consequently, Raag Kalyan evokes the sensation of surmounting the impossible due to the precise emotional components and their arrangement. 

Emotions are a universal language, triggered by varying circumstances and experiences. In this sense, Raags are universally relatable and adaptable to any situation. Consider the chocolate cake again – it can be served at a birthday party, enjoyed as a snack, or shared on a romantic date. The cake remains the same, but its purpose varies. Similarly, Raag Kalyan is versatile. It can motivate you when lethargy sets in, maintain your momentum during a project, or instill focus and courage when facing formidable tasks, transforming the ‘impossible’ into the ‘possible.’ 

Our toolkit features eight other Raags, each with its unique emotional resonance. Join me in the coming weeks as I delve deeper into each Raag and explore how they can enhance our professional and personal lives. Let’s empower ourselves with the transformative magic of sound! 

Empower yourself with the healing power of music. Join Evans Consulting and Preetinder Dhindsa on this enlightening journey and let the magic of music transform your life. Stop by our blog every Friday over the next eight weeks for a deeper look into each of the Raags featured in Preetinder’s playlists. Or begin the musical journey on your own by accessing the Raag playlists here: Evans Nation’s Vibrations