Playlist for Managing Frustrations

A special musical series including Spotify playlists

When you’re feeling frustrated or overlooked, listen to Raag Tilang.

Raag Tilang is a very moving Raag designed to articulate deep-seated frustration. The mood of Tilang is a very common mix of emotions we all feel more often than we think. Have you ever felt taken for granted by a loved one, a friend, or even a client? Have you felt frustrated by a person or situation? Or perhaps you’ve poured your heart into impressing someone only to be met with indifference? These can leave a fiery sting of frustration within you. If this resonates, then Raag Tilang is the soundtrack to your emotions.

Let me share a compelling story that profoundly captures the mood of Tilang. Imagine a splendid day where the sun bathes everything in an inviting glow. The trees, adorned in lush dark green, sway gently, creating a mesmerizing dance against the backdrop of a crystal-clear blue sky. In this enchanting setting, a young man leisurely wanders, immersed in the beauty of the day. As he meanders, his eyes catch a glimpse of an extraordinarily beautiful woman in the distance. He stops abruptly, mesmerized by her elegance, struggling to comprehend how someone could embody such grace. Gathering his wits, he is compelled to approach this enigmatic figure.

With tentative steps, he closes the distance between them and greets her, “Hi, what brings you out today?” Her response is nonchalant, “Just enjoying the day.” Overwhelmed by her allure and with a heart racing with eagerness, he blurts out, “I want to marry you. I have never encountered anyone as beautiful as you. Your beauty leaves me awestruck, and I can’t fathom the thought of you with anyone else.” She turns to him, her gaze piercing, and coolly replies, “You don’t know me. Why would I marry you? You should leave.”

Despite her dismissal, he is undeterred. He steps back but quickly returns with flowers, hoping to charm her. She reiterates, “You don’t want to marry me; you don’t know who I am.” Undeterred, he declares, “I don’t care who you are; my desire to marry you is unchanging.” After a brief pause, she looks at him with icy eyes and reveals, “I am Death. You don’t want anything to do with me. Leave.” Yet, the man, spellbound and oblivious to the gravity of her words, insists, “I don’t care! Your extraordinary beauty and presence eclipse everything. Even if you are Death, I want to be with you.”

After a tense silence, Death speaks, “Very well… if you truly wish to marry me, I require something from you.” Eager to please, the man urges, “Anything! Just tell me!” She coldly commands, “Bring me your mother’s heart.” Without a second thought, driven by his trance-like state, he rushes home where his mother was lovingly preparing dinner. In a frenzied act, blinded by obsession, he commits the unthinkable. As he hurries back, mother’s heart in hand, he stumbles and falls. At that moment, the heart, now in his possession, cries out in concern, “Are you okay, son?”
The array of emotions elicited by this tale encapsulates the essence of Tilang.

Expectations, especially in professional or personal relationships, can lead to immense frustration when unfulfilled. These expectations, when unmet, start as a slight pinch but soon escalate, turning into a fiery ball within us. This frustration grows with each disappointment, culminating in explosive outbursts that often result in regret and complications. Raag Tilang can be an invaluable tool in such moments. It allows us a constructive channel for these building emotions, using them as fuel to express ourselves through sound. This not only leaves us feeling lighter and happier but also equips us with a healthier mindset for effective communication, steering clear of emotionally charged confrontations.
Raag Tilang proves particularly useful when you’re feeling overlooked at work or your efforts seem unnoticed. It’s also beneficial in personal relationships, aiding in the dissipation of frustration and promoting clearer communication.

Harness the power of Raag Tilang to better manage your frustrations and foster healthier interactions by listening to Evans Nation’s Vibrations, a playlist that beautifully encapsulates the essence of this Raag.