Playlist for Stress Management

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A special musical series including Spotify playlists

Feeling anxious or on edge? Listen to Raag Goojari.

In Indian classical music, Raag Goojari is more than just a set of musical notes; it represents the mood or emotional state that deals with the feeling of time slipping away and the anxiety that can arise from this sensation. This Raag uniquely addresses two extreme responses to anxiety:

For Procrastinators: Many people delay tasks due to a lack of urgency, only springing into action as deadlines approach. This last-minute anxiety, while stressful, can sometimes be the only trigger that drives action. Raag Goojari helps by inducing a ‘healthy’ level of anxiety earlier in the process, motivating procrastinators to begin work sooner, thereby managing their tasks more effectively and reducing the intense stress of looming deadlines.

For the Over-Anxious: On the other end of the spectrum are individuals who feel constant anxiety, often to the point of overwhelm or burnout. This excessive anxiety can be paralyzing, leading to decreased productivity and adverse health effects. Here, Raag Goojari plays a therapeutic role by helping to alleviate and balance out these intense feelings, bringing them down to a more manageable level.

Raag Goojari acts as a regulatory tool, adapting its influence based on the listener’s psychological state. It is akin to a musical form of stress management, enhancing focus and productivity by either ramping up a sense of urgency in those who tend to procrastinate or calming the nerves of those who are overly anxious. In a work setting, especially in high-stress environments or jobs dominated by tight deadlines, listening to Raag Goojari can be a strategic way to manage and regulate stress and anxiety, helping to maintain both mental well-being and professional efficiency.

Immerse yourself in Raag Goojari by listening to this curated playlist on YouTube and Spotify. If you are procrastinating or feel over-anxious, Raag Goojari can regulate your stress to enhance your focus and productivity (be sure to select tracks that say, gujari or gujari-todi).