Playlist for a Confidence Boost

Spotify playlist to boost confidence

A special musical series including Spotify playlists

Need a quick boost of confidence? Listen to Raag Dhanasri.

Raag Dhanasri embodies the mood of Hakuna Matata, a Swahili phrase that translates to “there are no troubles”. This mood instills confidence and assurance. Raag Dhanasri aids in tuning confidence, reducing arrogance, and boosting low self-esteem. The raags presented in this series all work to balance the extremes of emotions, feelings, and moods that lead to feeling uncomfortable, on edge, or out of control at these extremes. Raag Dhanasri plays a role in tuning our ego and self-esteem, fostering confidence within ourselves, and ensuring we are secure and firm. This secure confidence provides a rooted feeling, ensuring we do not waver regardless of the situation.

Imagine having only 10 dollars in your pocket and being sent to a mall to spend it. What would go through your head? What can I buy? What can’t I buy? There’d be a lot of internal conversation. Over time, you’d exclude yourself from most shops, maybe feel lesser than others, and think small. Now, imagine having unlimited cash instead of just 10 dollars. The way you’d walk and feel would be significantly different, exuding a different level of confidence. You’d almost feel free and unstoppable. Conversely, if you entered the mall with 10 dollars but behaved as though you had unlimited cash, it would lead to many other problems. This over-confidence would drive you to spend more than you have and lead to regret.

Similarly, our ego plays a similar role. It can be a great friend or our worst enemy. The ego can drive us into over-confidence and arrogance, leading to failure in many situations. On the other end, if our ego recedes too far, we lose confidence, doubt everything we do, and second-guess every action. This approach is equally dangerous as it hinders one’s growth. Ideally, a balanced ego recognizes its worth, is secure, confident, and carefree in its approach to life, aware of its potential without arrogance.

If you ever doubt yourself, feel insecure, or lack belief in your abilities, use Raag Dhanasri to uncover your true self. It will help you find your confidence and enable you to feel capable.

Immerse yourself in Raag Dhanasri by listening to this curated playlist on YouTube and Spotify.