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Raag Asa, a potent and invigorating musical mood, embodies the essence of courage and strength. It surges through one’s being, annihilating fear and apathy like a surge of adrenaline for the mind and spirit. The story of a king from India encapsulates the essence of Raag Asa.

In the heart of a kingdom ravaged by treachery, a prince named Tunde (pronounced Tun-day) Asraja (pronounced us-raaj-a) resided. His lineage promised greatness, yet his own blood sought to sabotage his destiny. In a shocking act of betrayal, his brothers cruelly severed his hands and feet, casting him out of the kingdom to perish in solitude.

Yet, destiny had different intentions for Tunde. Stranded and wounded, he found refuge on the shores of a neighboring kingdom. Samaritans from this land discovered him, unaware of his royal heritage, and nursed him back to health.

Fate intervened again when their revered king passed away, leaving no successor. The decree was such: the next soul to cross their borders would ascend the throne. That soul was Tunde Asraja, a man with no hands and feet but an indomitable spirit.

Undeterred by his physical disability, Tunde seized his newfound role with unwavering courage. He defied his limitations, ruling with sheer determination and heartfelt strength. Under his reign, the once-forgotten kingdom prospered and grew formidable.

The past was not forgotten. The kingdom that once discarded him now observed Tunde’s ascension apprehensively. As tensions mounted, Tunde faced the ultimate test of his mettle. In a fierce battle, he led his kingdom to victory against the very realm that had exiled him.

Tunde Asraja’s story signifies more than resilience; it epitomizes the relentless human spirit. He transformed his suffering into strength, trials into triumphs, and vulnerabilities into indomitable strength. It was his blazing courage, not his physical loss, that defined his legacy. This story is the essence of Raag Asa, a mood we’ve all experienced. If this tale invigorates you to act, you’re experiencing the mood of Asa.

Raag Asa is here to attune you to this mode of tackling any formidable challenge with gusto. Immerse yourself in Raag Asa by listening to this curated playlist on YouTube and Spotify. If you feel stuck or brimming with unchanneled energy, Raag Asa can provide the mental push or focus you need. Whenever you’re filled with an irresistible urge to act, when you’re fueled by excitement and determination, you’re experiencing Raag Asa. Listening to Asa at such moments will amplify your mood and resonate with your entire being.