March Newsletter: Thrive in Five

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💬 1. Check out the latest from Evans blog.

At the heart of successful organizations lies a strong emphasis on internal communications as the foundation for a cohesive and inclusive culture. 

By prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA), businesses can cultivate an environment where every member feels valued and heard. Effective communication strategies facilitate collaboration, enhance strategic focus, and support the well-being of all employees. It’s crucial for these strategies to be authentic, aiming to connect on a personal level and empower individuals to contribute their best.

In “Elevating Internal Communications”, Evans Senior Consultant, Sara Gustafson shares best practices to foster inclusivity and safety in the workplace.


After reading the blog, ask yourself: In what ways can I humanize my internal communications to foster a more connected and inclusive workplace?

🎦 2. Watch this video to up-level your skills.

In her eye-opening TED Talk, Amy Edmondson asserts that in times of sudden crises, even strangers can band together effectively and swiftly to achieve critical objectives. 

Edmondson shares the harrowing yet enlightening 2010 Chilean mine collapse—a testament to teamwork forged by urgency. Highlighting the imperative nature of experimental learning and risk-taking, she extends this crucial insight as lessons for leadership and team management beyond emergencies. Teams, she suggests, blossom when psychological safety and a culture fortified with continuous learning are present.Discover the invaluable strategies by watching her TED Talk.


🌱 3. Foster an inclusive environment.

Cloey Callahan shares the groundbreaking framework that Trier Bryant and Kim Scott developed to cultivate a workplace where equity isn’t just an ideal but a daily practice. 

By spotlighting the indispensable role of bias disruptors and championing leaders who are not afraid to introspect and evolve, she offers not just insights but a guide filled with actionable steps towards inclusivity. She provides practical advice for leaders to become proactive agents of change, embedding inclusivity at the heart of organizational culture.


🧰 4. Add a new tool to elevate your leadership.

Identify the inherent communication styles of your team member to create an environment that enhances clarity, boosts relationships, and fosters mutual understanding and collaboration. 

Assessing individual communication styles isn’t merely about refining conversations but about transforming them into channels for personal growth, team unity, and leadership excellence. By shedding light on potentially harmful communication patterns and adopting more effective strategies, individuals are equipped to forge paths of empathy, assertiveness, and influence, setting the stage for a paradigm shift in interpersonal dynamics.


Evans utilizes Extended DiSC with our clients. We have certified facilitators on our team if you’re interested in a more comprehensive understanding of your team dynamics.

🧊 5. Do this icebreaker activity with your team.

Create a chat channel for pet parents. Create a dedicated chat channel on Slack or Teams for sharing pet images, memes, GIFs, and stories. It’s an easy way to boost team spirit and have fun together! 

Amidst the hustle, team members are able to share joy from their pet’s antics sparking laughter and smiles. Every pet meme becomes a high-five, every photo a nod of understanding, strengthening bonds within your work family.

Learn from Evans Consulting’s thriving Pet Parents channel, showing how focusing on pets can unite colleagues. Pets bring out our empathetic, playful, and human side. By sharing love for our pets, we create authentic interactions that boost morale and foster unity.