Insights from The Women's Center's 2024 Leadership Conference

Evans Consulting group attends The Women’s Center’s Leadership Conference. From left to right, Allison Nicholls, Tiffany Ivey, Jenna Sutor, Lisa Croke, Ashley Tolub, Stephanie Wiles, Sue Evans, Christian Bielski, Annabelle Garcia, and Shannon Stearman.

I recently had the opportunity to attend The Women’s Center’s Annual Leadership Conference, which aims to empower women and all genders to succeed as leaders. This year’s conference also marked the 50th anniversary of The Women’s Center providing mental health services and education to the Washington DC metro area.

Here are my favorite takeaways from the conference.

  • Nurturing Future Leaders: It’s important to include aspiring talents in meetings or projects, even if they may not seem ready yet. This helps to create a pipeline of well-prepared future leaders who can take on leadership roles when the time comes.
  • Non-linear Career Paths: It is okay not to follow a straight career path. People with diverse backgrounds and experiences can bring new perspectives to an organization, which can lead to growth and innovation. We should encourage individuals to embrace their unique skills and perspectives, even if they don’t fit the traditional mold of a leader.
  • The Grace to Fail: Let us hold each other to a standard of grace, not perfection. Failure can be an essential part of growth, and we need to create organizational cultures where people feel comfortable taking risks and making mistakes. Doing so allows us to learn from our failures, grow as individuals, and become better leaders. 
  • Body Language is a Superpower: Our body language can say a lot about us, even subconsciously. By being aware of our body language and making subtle changes, we can give ourselves an empowerment boost. For example, stretching our arm across the back of a chair or putting our hands on a table to provide extra support during a meeting.

About The Women’s Center

For fifty years, The Women’s Center has provided mental health counseling, support, and education to the metropolitan area to help people live healthy, stable, and productive lives.

Since The Women’s Center was founded in 1974, it has grown to include services to clients of all gender identities, families, young adults, and children. The Women’s Center now serves over 3,000 people annually at two locations in Virginia and Washington, DC, and in partner locations. Functioning as a teaching institution for mental health professionals, it provides one of the largest, most prestigious, and most competitive training programs in the region.

As a nonprofit organization, The Women’s Center relies on philanthropic support to offer subsidized and free care and support to people in need in the community. Mental health services are funded in part by Fairfax County.

To learn more about the Women’s Center, please visit

Evans Consulting is a proud sponsor of The Women’s Center’s 2024 Leadership Conference.