April Newsletter: Thrive in Five

Newsletter_leadership development

📣 1. Discover new capabilities from Evans.

Evans Consulting celebrates the impressive achievements of 17 Evans consultants who have obtained Strategy Planning Professional (SPP) certification and Strategic Management Performance System (SMPS) certification.

These strategic management and planning certifications not only benefit the individual employees, but also strengthen the overall capabilities of Evans. With specialized skills and knowledge acquired through these certifications, employees are better equipped to tackle complex strategic challenges and provide top-notch consulting services to clients.


📰 2. Read this article to up-level your skills.

In his thought-provoking article from Harvard Business Review, “The Missing Link Between Strategy and Innovation,” David L. Rogers unveils the missing link to effectively align strategy and innovation for long-term success.

In the article, Rogers argues that while many companies focus on developing a solid strategy, they often neglect the crucial step of aligning it with their innovation efforts. This results in missed opportunities and limited potential for growth. The article offers practical advice for leaders on how to bridge this gap and foster a culture of strategic innovation within their organizations.


🗨️ 3. Check out the latest from Evans blog.

Jesse Lambert, Senior Manager at Evans, recently led the cohort who obtained strategic management certifications. In his latest article, “7 Reasons Why Strategic Success Depends on Leadership Growth,” Jesse shares insights.

Building upon his 2018 article with the same title, Jesse incorporates empirical evidence to support his argument that consistent leadership development is essential for achieving strategic success in an organization. This updated version reflects Jesse’s knowledge gained from the strategic planning and management courses.


🛠️ 4. Add a new tool to elevate your leadership.

When it comes to strategic planning, the Ideal State Canvas is a great tool to bring clarity and focus to organizational and team goals.

The tool uses a series of questions to aid in setting objectives and devising an actionable roadmap tailored to achieving your ideal future state. This streamlined approach ensures that team members are aligned towards a defined vision, optimizing the deployment of resources and effort.


💡 5. Use this tip to thrive in your role.

Review your organization’s mission and vision. Unlock the power of strategic planning events to ignite leader’s drive towards meaningful goals. Setting the tone for success starts with a clear understanding of your purpose.

An engaging envisioning session helps leaders collaborate in creating a shared story of success. Reviewing the organization’s mission and vision unites and inspires the leaders and ultimately everyone to embrace the organization’s greater purpose.

Source: Forbes