June Newsletter: Thrive in Five

💡 1. Use these tips to thrive in your role.

Taking a break might seem counterproductive, but this article from Forbes provides a compelling argument for why leaders must prioritize downtime and model taking time away from work for their teams. 

The article outlines strategies for effectively unplugging from the workplace, ensuring that when leaders do take a vacation, it truly serves its purpose—recharging their minds and bodies. By applying these techniques, leaders can return to work more energized and focused, ultimately driving greater success and fostering a healthier work-life balance. Master the art of productive relaxation and lead your team with renewed vigor.


🏆 2. Take this action for a quick win.

Are you struggling to maintain a harmonious blend of work and personal life this summer? Read on for actionable strategies to help you integrate your professional and personal responsibilities seamlessly.

By adopting these practices, you can set healthy boundaries, make the most of your vacation days, and incorporate exercise into your daily routine—all of which contribute to enhancing your overall well-being and productivity. 


💬 3. Check out the latest from Evans blog.

It’s easy to get caught up in what’s wrong. But what if you could shift your focus to what’s right? Our latest blog is a powerful guide to elevate your life professionally and personally by harnessing the principles of Positive Psychology. 

Evans Senior Consultants, Corinne Grimaldi and Beth Nichols-Howarth, offer practical tools for shifting your focus from problems to strengths, fostering resilience, and cultivating an optimistic outlook. By emphasizing the importance of leveraging natural talents, celebrating small wins, and reframing negative self-talk, this read equips you with actionable strategies to thrive in any environment and to promote these behaviors in your team. Dive in to discover how a positive mindset can transform challenges into opportunities, boost confidence, and create a more fulfilled and effective life.


⚒️ 4. Add a new tool to elevate your well-being.

The feelings wheel, highlighted in this insightful article from Evans Senior Consultant Sara Gustafson, is an invaluable tool for enhancing emotional wellness. 

The feelings wheel allows individuals to accurately identify and understand their emotions, which is the first crucial step toward effectively managing them. In the article, Sara shares how tuning into our feelings and pinpointing their underlying causes helps navigate complex emotional landscapes with greater clarity. This understanding paves the way for better emotional regulation, enabling more constructive responses to challenging situations. Ultimately, using the feelings wheel can lead to improved mental health and stronger relationships personally and professionally.


🧘🏽‍♀️ 5. Build these practices into your day to improve your well-being.

As we continue our focus on workplace and personal well-being, Beth Nichols-Howarth shares some of her favorite tips on active meditation that can easily be built into the workday.

Beth illustrates how everyday activities like gardening, walking, or even household chores can be transformed into powerful meditative practices. By incorporating mindful movements into our daily routines, we can soothe our thoughts, sharpen our focus, and achieve a harmonious balance between mind and body. Whether you’re working remotely or juggling a hectic schedule, these tips offer a refreshing approach to stress management and emotional well-being.