May Newsletter: Thrive in Five

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🛠️ 1. Add a new tool to elevate your leadership.

To truly excel in our communications and make a tangible impact, it’s crucial we strategize with precision and purpose. Winging it won’t cut it; that’s a surefire way to muddle our message and diminish our authority. We’re here to build connections and lead with clarity and conviction.

Enter the Communication Strategy Framework, designed to streamline your messaging, break down barriers, and achieve the outcomes you’re aiming for. Crafted by Michael and Sandra Rouse in their groundbreaking 2001 work, “Business Communications: A Cultural and Strategic Approach,” this tool isn’t just about talking—it’s about being heard, resonating with your audience, and inspiring action.


📰 2. Read this article to up-level your skills.

In his latest contribution to Harvard Business Review, titled “How Great Leaders Communicate,” Carmine Gallo draws from his research for The Bezos Blueprint to enhance workplace communication. 

Gallo uncovers various effective tactics employed by exemplary leaders in engaging their teams. Through a compelling narrative, he not only distills his insights but also enriches them with vivid examples. Gallo emphasizes that the most effective teams are those inspired by their leaders, a testament to the power of impactful communication.


🗨️ 3. Check out the latest from Evans blog.

At the ATCA Women in Aviation Technology Breakfast, a survey among air traffic management professionals raised the question, “What are your biggest challenges with workplace communication?”

In an insightful blog post, Ellesse Krall, Principal of Communications at Evans, dives into the heart of what blocks effective workplace dialogue. Highlighted by the aforementioned survey, she skillfully applies her expertise to carve out actionable solutions that cater not only to leaders, but also to every team member. Ellesse then shares her personal toolkit of strategies, aimed at enhancing both the clarity and conciseness of communications.


🏆 4. Take this action for a quick win.

Evans Principal of Communication, Ellesse, also shared a memorable communication framework to make complex information, well, more digestible. The “Sandwich Method”🥪 Communication Framework:

🍞 The Mode (Bread): Like choosing the right type of bread, selecting the appropriate communication channel sets the tone.

 🥓 The Message (Protein/Meat): Your message (the protein/meat) should be isolated, simplified, and direct. This is your BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front).

 🍅 The Enhancements (Condiments): Adding the right amount and type of enhancements such as graphics or data (the condiments) can enrich and clarify your point.

📰 5. A bonus article to up-level your skills.

Embracing the essence of effective workplace communication necessitates recognizing the critical role of outstanding presentations. These serve not only to persuade and educate, but to inspire as well. 

In a highly insightful article from Harvard Business Review, Guy Kawaski meticulously dissects the components of an exceptional presentation, supplementing his analysis with visual illustrations that transition from good to great. His advice is both straightforward and impactful.