Evans Consulting's Statement on Racial Injustice & Commitment to Racial Equity

Evans Consulting is committed to public service. We recognize that systemic racism threatens the sacred democratic principles of life, liberty, and equal protection under the law, especially for Black Americans.

Today, Evans Consulting commits to reducing systemic racial injustice. Going forward, reducing racism will be a more integral element of our ongoing mission to co-create healthy organizations and healthy communities.

We also commit to expanding our definition of human-centered, a hallmark of the Evans culture, to more fully integrate the principles and values of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

By making these commitments, we strive to make every individual, including our employees, clients and partners, feel welcome, respected, and valued in the communities in which they work and live. 

As part of that commitment, we are pledging $25,000 to support organizations working to reduce the effects of racial injustice in the Black community. To extend our  long-standing corporate community and social responsibility dedication to women and children, we will specifically focus our donation on charities designed to help Black women and children.