Case Studies

Workforce Development


Developing a culture of belonging fosters healthy organizations where everyone can thrive.


Westminster-Canterbury of the Blue Ridge (WCBR), a nonprofit in Charlottesville, was embarking on an exciting new phase where they would be able to assess, enhance, and develop their workforce. Recognizing the crucial role of their employees, WCBR understood that fostering an inclusive environment where everyone felt valued was vital for their workforce development and health.

The Challenge

A not-for-profit client recognized the importance of fostering a sense of unity and belonging within their workplace. They needed a series of trainings that would equip their employees with the practical skills necessary to co-create a culture of belonging within their day-to-day work.

The Solution

To address this need, Evans consultants worked with WCBR leadership to develop a series of customized trainings based within adult learning methodologies. These trainings allowed participants to:

  • Enhance their awareness and appreciation of difference.
  • Discover how to integrate a culture of belonging mindset into everyday practice.

The Approach

The purpose of these trainings with WCBR was to create a meaningful experience for a diverse staff that allowed them to develop their leadership skills, align with their organization’s mission, connect with each other, and renew both their individual and collective passion for the work of senior care.

The trainings were specifically designed with multiple stakeholder groups in mind and was grounded within adult learning methodologies. Below, we highlight the key aspects of our unique approach that contributed to the successful execution of the WCBR trainings:

Human-Centered Design

  • Thorough one-on-one interviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of employee needs, preferences, and expectations.
  • Customized audience profiles that allowed consultants to create tailored session materials to improve participant engagement and comprehension.
  • Iterative design processes that allowed consultants to continuously refine their approach and materials based on participant feedback.
  • Empathy-centered tactics that allowed consultants to understand and appreciate their audience’s perspectives better and led to a higher level of trust and collaboration.

Customized Training

  • Personalized learning experiences grounded in evidence-based, adult learning methodologies that accounted for unique factors such as a participant’s work experience, learning style, cultural background, and language proficiency.
  • Creative community building activities that allowed for a variety of different avenues for meaningful participation and considered each participant’s needs and preferences.
  • Varied content presentation methods that supported comprehension and active engagement, such as multimedia, interactive programs, and role-playing exercises.
  • In-person, small group sessions delivered over the course of two weeks that promoted the development of authentic connections and improved retention.

Targeted Performance Measurement

  • Collaborative partnership that ensured both WCBR leadership and Evans consultants clearly understood what success looked like and held clear expectations and goals.
  • Comprehensive core metrics that were essential for the client’s business objectives and offered valuable insights into the overall impact of their investment.
  • Dazzling metrics dashboard that allowed WCBR leadership to quickly and easily understand the feedback gathered and make data-driven decisions.

The Impact

These trainings set the stage for a culture of belonging at WCBR which included an actionable and ongoing commitment to cultural competency and service excellence.

  • 93% of WCBR associates agreed that they could apply what they learned to their role.