Case Studies

Unifying Processes, Systems and People for a Government Agency

Evans was engaged on a large government agency program that had an objective of unifying multiple contracting processes, systems, and people under one capability.

The Challenge

Prior to Evans engagement, there had been two prior attempts to improve contracting which placed too much emphasis on technology that ignored the fundamental shifts that were needed in terms of people’s roles, as well as the waste that existed caused by multiple disjointed and manual processes across systems and teams.

The Solution

Starting with scoping and planning the effort, Evans quickly developed an agile process development framework that allowed cross functional teams to interact to both qualify and quantify the current pain points as well as develop and own their own solutions.  Business and functional requirements were developed in collaboration with multiple government and contractor teams that borrowed heavily from the To-Be design of the solution.  This formed a solid business case and enabled the technology teams to quickly begin designing a holistic solution that segmented several functional scenarios over time in an implementation plan and schedule.

Outcomes Achieved

The result of the BPI work for this client was that a business case was developed that had very thorough cost and benefit framework that tied directly to the business functions of the new capability. The organization also had a very comprehensive set of requirements and an implementation strategy that had full consensus from the impacted stakeholders.