Case Studies

Strategic Program Renewal for a Federal Government Agency

A major federal agency asked Evans to lead a strategic renewal of a one of its main programs essential to the functioning of the agency’s mission.

The Challenge

To be successful, Evans needed to improve the performance of the agency’s Senior Leadership Team.

The Solution

Evans helped the Senior Leadership Team build the foundation for high performance through co-creating the following:

  • Recognition: Established key high performance principles, assessment and motivational tools for the team; this encouraged team members to empower and trust their employees and themselves with the authority, skills and information required to do the job
  • Decision-Making: Developed formal methodologies to solve problems, to synthesize problem statements for complex future issues, and to build and sustain relationships with peer managers and leaders
  • Governance & Accountability: Ensured the necessary forums for key decision makers from the operations, policy and standards, labor, and program office to jointly participate in clearly defined and binding key program management decision making processes
  • Team Processes: Organized work around customer-centric results to include creating consistent, mature, and effective processes for the program’s value chain activities (focusing on both service delivery and functional disciplines)
  • Change Management: Developed change management strategies to focus resources on helping individuals understand, adopt and embrace change.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Evans continues to work with the Senior Leadership Team, which has sustained its high performance.  Some of its accomplishments include:
  • Creation of work groups and strategic steering committees that represent all stakeholder perspectives (including labor unions and field representatives)
  • Reduction in cost of change request implementation by over 15% through better requirements clarification, and mitigating expenditures of over $10M through improved end‐user engagement in the definition of operational needs and priorities
  • Improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness for delivering software to the field by aligning the activities across management, end‐user, implementation, and sustainment stakeholders

For the Senior Leadership Team at the agency, Evans’ work created a foundation for the team and the program to thrive, and therefore help the agency achieve its mission.