Case Studies

Strategic Planning Initiative for a large Federal Agency

Evans was tasked with helping the leadership of a large federal agency to crystallize their strategic goals, identify initiatives to improve performance, and begin executing those initiatives.

The Challenge

During this one-year project, Evans needed to take a fairly demoralized workforce, impacted by government shutdowns and budget cutting as a result of sequestration, and energize them around a brand new vision for the organization.

The Solution

In addition to an analysis of the drivers of its multi-year performance, the Evans team tailored an assessment to understand more about the current state of the organization’s capabilities. Evans engaged a cross-section of stakeholders to assess current capabilities and challenges, using interviews, surveys, observations, and process analysis tools to understand the organization’s capabilities to meet its mandates

Outcomes Achieved

After completing its analysis, the Evans team facilitated the creation of client-focused “Ignite teams” to develop solutions and strategies to address the organization’s challenges and capitalize on its strengths to achieve its goals. The process not only led to solutions for building organizational capacity, it engaged the most valuable asset of the agency—its people—in collecting and analyzing their own data and designing their own solutions.