Case Studies

Change Risk Analysis and Change Strategy Development for Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation

Evans was contracted by a Middle Eastern manufacturing organization to conduct a Change Readiness Assessment and to develop a Change Management Strategy in support of an Oracle ERP implementation.

The Challenge

This extremely complex IT transformational engagement entailed analyzing the associated change risks of implementing an ERP solution across 13 divisions with significantly different business models and levels autonomy.

The Solution

The Change Readiness Assessment analyzed the risk across three dimensions of cohorts, including the change risks based on the perspectives of 13 divisions, the change risks at different resource levels (i.e., Senior Management, Middle Managers, and Front-Line staff), and the change risk across domain areas (financial management, human resources, purchasing, warehousing and sales & distribution). The output of the Change Readiness Assessment was the development of a Change Risk Register.

Outcomes Achieved

A comprehensive three-year Change Management Strategy was then developed to effectively manage the identified change risks in the areas of Stakeholder Management, Change Communications, and Change Impact Monitoring over a three year time horizon. At the conclusion of the engagement the Change Readiness Assessment findings and Change Strategy were presented to the CEO and Program Steering Committee and approved for execution by the project implementation team.