Sue Evans

Founder, Chairman of the Board
Headshot Sue Evans

Sue founded Evans Incorporated (now Evans Consulting) in 1994. She serves as Chairman of the Board and Strategic Advisor on leadership development and community impact.

Sue Evans founded Evans as a business-transformation company delivering human-centered experiences and solutions focused on people, systems, and processes. Her human-centered focus included intentional succession planning within Evans. In March 2019, she transitioned from President and CEO to Chairman and Advisor, completing a three-year internal transfer of corporate leadership and executive management to two Managing Partners. This change in leadership coincides with Evans Incorporated’s celebration of 25 years of growth and is key to driving towards the company’s 2025 Vision!

Sue received her BS in Computer Science from University of Dayton, and her MS and PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.

For over 40 years, Sue has focused on aligning human, organizational, and work systems. She has worked with federal government agencies, international financial organizations, non-profits and Fortune 500 companies to improve business processes and create effective work environments. Sue takes pride in her ability to transform businesses and to ensure people feel enriched, empowered and engaged in their work.

Sue’s first job: Aside from helping out in the office of her father’s heating and air-conditioning company in Milwaukee, Sue’s first job was at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. She used her skills in software engineering to develop a computer-aided design (CAD) system to help engineers design cockpits that would safely accommodate different sized pilots during all phases of flight operations.

Sue’s leadership philosophy:

“At Evans, we believe that leadership is a verb – not a noun – and is expected of everyone and essential to our culture.”