Nicole Anderson

Vice President, People
Nicole Anderson Headshot

Nicole Anderson is the VP of People at Evans Consulting. Her passion is helping people thrive, grow, and be their best selves whether finding new ways to foster a positive employee experience within Evans or serving as an advisor to clients in the development of their leadership strategy. With a blend of education and experience spanning across social work, information technology, project management, stakeholder engagement, neuroscience, human capital management, and strategic communications, she is passionate about finding unique human-centered solutions to difficult challenges. Outside of work, Nicole enjoys watching her 2 boys explore the world from a child’s perspective, traveling to new places with her husband, and spending time on the water with family and friends at Lake Anna.

Nicole’s leadership philosophy:

“True leadership lies in the curious hearts that seek knowledge, the kind souls that nurture others, and the courageous minds that fearlessly chart new paths. Embrace curiosity, kindness, and courage, and let your leadership change the world.”