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Thrive in 5 Tips

According to a Stanford University study, 42% of the United States workforce are working from home full-time. This is equivalent to more than two-thirds of all economic activity in 2020. While the pandemic has accelerated companies’ shift into a remote work environment, the trend is not new. According to Gallup, remote work and flexible work schedules have been on an upward trend since 2012, when 24% of employees spent up to 80% of their time working remotely. In 2016, the number was up to 31%. While statistics have been showing us a gradual shift, the pandemic remote work force felt like a shock to most of our systems. In today’s Thrive, we will share some “work from home” tips and tricks for you to follow!

Use these tips and tricks to enhance your work from home experience:

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Know Your Limits
When you log off for the day, make sure you are truly logging off for the day. In today’s virtual environment, it is very easy to quickly ‘check in’ to work. When there are kids involved requiring your attention, it may be easier for you to log in once they’re asleep. Let your coworkers know the reasoning behind a late night response. This is especially important if you are managing others. By level-setting expectations, you allow those working for you to understand they may not be expected to respond to emails later in the night just because you are.

Dress Up (or Down)
Dress as if you were going into your workplace. This can help with your mindset of being in the workplace while working from home. This may be easier for those working in environments that don’t require a suit on a daily basis. Switch out the suit and tie for a comfy polo or top! Dressing up, even the slightest bit, can help you feel more human and draws a distinct line between working from home and relaxing at home.

Communication is Key
Make sure you are communicating with those around you. This includes those who may be living with you at home or teammates via Zoom! Communicating in a remote environment helps maintain a sense of community. It may also be a great way to understand how those around you are setting themselves up for success in a remote setting.

Create Your Own Workplace
Create a workspace in your home that helps you stay focused and organized. This will also help you step in and out of your virtual office space. By designating an area in your home, you will have the ability to enter a physical space that allows you to step into your work zone.

Wellness Wednesdays
Working from home in the midst of a pandemic may mean you want to save your accrued time off for later when you can travel. However, it is extremely important that you create room for yourself and recharge. Plan a stay-cation with the family or take some time off to rest, recuperate and recharge from work life. You can take time off to rebuild your mental capacity. Vacations aren’t just to travel around the world. Sometimes you need one to check in with yourself and those surrounding you!

Apply the Five!

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