Virtual Team Building

Thrive in 5 Tips

Virtual team building is a method that you can use to help bring remote teams together in a virtual environment. It allows your team to learn more about each other and stay connected in an office environment without actually being in an office environment. Virtual team building brings people together from a team, department or company to build in strategies that will help set your team up for success. In today’s Thrive, we will be discussing some Virtual Team Building tips and tricks for you to bring to your team!

Effective Team Building Strategies

According to the Atlassian , 94% of workers surveyed said mutual respect and connection are critical to their team’s success and 19% said it’s the #1 factor in their sense of well-being at work! Therefore, it is crucial to utilize effective team-building strategies to set our employees up for success and to ensure a cohesive and inclusive environment for all members!

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind as you start to build your team virtually!

Identify if your team will be participating in an activity in real time or whether or not folks will be able to participate at a time better suited for them. Real time activities create a space for you to receive feedback immediately, whereas asynchronous activities allow folks to respond after a little bit of time. Asynchronous activities may be more effective for team members who like to spend time with their thoughts before sharing with others.

Are you doing it to serve a specific purpose, just for fun or maybe it serves a dual purpose? In identifying your desired outcome, you are able to find the right type of activity for the “why” of your session!

As someone building a team building activity, it is important to recognize how your team functions and what may be the best type of activity based on the different personalities involved. If your team has both introverts and extroverts, find an activity that will yield the best results from all personalities and not be biased towards one over the other, which may happen unintentionally if you are not mindful of it.

Building trust is essential to any team. A ccording to Forbes, building trust is twofold. First, you must create opportunities and a clear path during your activity for all team members. Then, help your team identify and align their goals to those of the team and organization. In doing so, you are able to use short-term, social activities to create a long-term bond.

Apply the Five!

Now that you have some tools in your toolkit, take the quiz below to learn more about your office personality! Use the results to help you recognize how others may perceive you, and avoid creating a virtual, team building experience that only you or those similar to you may enjoy. Use the tips and tricks to inform your team building activity, and enjoy getting to know your team a little bit more!

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