How to Make Yourself More Approachable

Thrive in 5 Tips

The COVID-19 climate has resulted in multiple organizations switching to a virtual work space. Times like now can prove to be more challenging socially, physically and mentally. This means it is of utmost importance to be present and available to fellow coworkers as we all move through these turbulent times together. In today’s Thrive, we will discuss how to make yourself more approachable, both in-person and virtually.

Be Vulnerable to be Approachable

Being approachable is a trait that may not come easily to everyone, but that does not mean it is impossible to improve. Use the tips below to help make yourself more approachable, both virtually and in-person!

Smile – Smiling is a universal greeting. A warm smile releases endorphins that let those around you know they are in a safe space.

Set the Standard – Whether you are in a leadership position or not, press the video icon on your next meeting, and let others know you are willing to be seen, even if you just got out of the shower! A simple touch of the mouse can influence your organization’s culture and let those around you know you are willing to be vulnerable.

Be Accessible – Working virtually may prevent you from bumping into your coworkers while walking down the hall. Make yourself accessible by staying connected using your company’s communication channels, whether it’s Microsoft Teams or a simple Skype chat check in!

Share – When you share how you’re feeling or a story from your life, the likelihood of others doing the same is high. Share your thoughts on a business issue or a TV show you watch. After all, it’s those moments that make you more human and ultimately approachable.

Listen – When someone comes to talk to you, be present and listen to them. Sometimes all someone may want is to be heard, and you can do this by improving your active listening skills. Try to understand what they’re sharing rather than waiting to respond with your own thoughts. Try not to give your opinion or advice unless you’re specifically asked for it. Just let them know they’re heard by asking clarifying questions and repeating what they say to show you understand.

Apply the Five!

Now that you’ve got some tools in your toolkit, take the quiz below to learn more about how approachable you are, particularly from a leader’s lens. Remember, you don’t have to be a manager to be a leader! Compare your results with the tips in this Thrive, looking for alignment and areas for improvement. Pick one area to work on to help you be more approachable.

Approachability Quiz