Essential Tips for Successful Teleworking

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Evans Consulting has created the Telework Manifesto: a Human-Centered Guide for the Remote Workforce to promote healthy, connected, and engaged employees everywhere. Here are best practices to help you best connect with your team virtually.

Create a Healthy Workspace

Create a workspace at home where you can focus and stay organized.

Before you start teleworking, conduct a dry run to ensure your equipment is working properly. Test your microphone and headphones, and check sound and brightness levels. Conserve bandwidth by only connecting the devices that you need while teleworking.

Step away from your workstation every hour. Set a timer to both start breaks and remind you when to head back to work.

Keep healthy snacks on hand and drink water/tea throughout the day while trying to keep caffeine to a minimum.

Be Connected

Create a virtual water-cooler by scheduling check-ins with peers you would bump into while walking around the office!

Make a plan to regularly connect with managers and team members in order to reinforce connectivity and collaboration and to combat feelings of isolation.

Invite your peers into your life at home with a virtual house tour or by showing off a cute baby, friendly puppy, or your favorite workspace item.

Practice togetherness while you are apart by leading virtual group stretches at meetings, or by organizing a virtual meal time or happy hour.

Be Engaged

Dress comfortably, but avoid pajamas. While you may not be in your regular office, you’re still at work.

Establish quiet zones or stoplight charts. Inform roommates/family of when they may cross through a certain room or area without disrupting you.

Use video cameras. Video cameras promote connections by encouraging the reading of body language and discouraging multi-tasking.

Try to avoid distractions by adhering to a schedule. Structured time helps you focus on specific items, but stepping away when you need a break is important, too, in order to avoid burning out.

Download the PDF copy of the Telework Manifesto: a Human-Centered Guide for the Remote Workforce and learn more about how to manage teams virtually with our Telework Manifesto: Managing Virtual Teams guide.