Building teams that make the mission.

Transforming individuals into cohesive teams that accomplish ambitious goals. Designing organizations that deliver remarkable results.

High-performing teams don’t materialize out of nowhere, they are developed. Evans Consulting offers a proven strategy for empowering capable leaders, integrating technology, establishing strong teams, building cooperative cultures, and creating high-trust environments that drive collaboration and innovation. Evans is an essential management consulting firm for organizations seeking to develop leaders who succeed in their mission, align their culture to strategy, and build high-performing teams that deliver remarkable results.

The Evans Way

Our human-centered approach prioritizes people in driving change.
We work hand-in-hand with organizations to develop solutions that enhance how people work, collaborate, and flourish. By combining technology with organizational effectiveness, our work enables both organizations and communities to expand their global impact while maintaining health and well-being.


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Contract Vehicles

We have a proven track record of working closely with government agencies to bring positive change. Our team excels in creating effective teams, fostering collaboration among various stakeholders, and integrating cutting-edge technology to benefit the public good.

Customer Testimonials

Program Manager, Space Operations, FAA

“Our event was done in less than 90 days, including 50 senior leaders, three agencies, and six security clearance processes. If Allison [at Evans Consulting] had not been on the team, it would not have happened. Her work on creating and developing the materials, managing the participant invitations, building the agenda, and everything in between was done with a smile and little direction and made a difference.”

Director of Programming, Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA)

“Allison [from Evans Consulting] is the consummate professional and was instrumental in the success of our technical symposium. Not only did she provide sound advice during the planning process, but she also “came to my rescue” for the execution of the event.”

Department of Transportation Executive, FAA Air Traffic Organization

“Evans has managed the update of our website, which had languished for more than two years! The effort required weekly meetings, diplomacy, attention to detail, and in-depth organizational knowledge.”

Program Management, FAA

“Nikki’s [at Evans Consulting] superior expertise in managing both small-scale and large-scale government/industry events is commendable. Not only were attendees safely escorted and the event executed flawlessly, but a simple hangar was transformed into a comfortable and inviting venue that facilitated productive discussions and networking.”

Program Manager, FAA

“I just want to extend appreciation for the hard work of Emad, Tara, Chenoa, and Amelia. Without your assistance, we would not be as far along in this process or have the quality needed at this point.”

Sr. Manager, DOT

“It all started with making employee engagement a priority and hiring Evans to do the work, and Evans has been here since the beginning. And that is what has made the difference.”

Project Manager, ATM-S

[Nikki from Evans Consulting] “You are an absolute professional and everyone knows who YOU are and the work ethic and quality that you bring to the table.”

Barry C., RMLS Enterprise Architect, NAS Monitoring Team

“Sara Morgan [from Evans Consulting] has stepped in with very short notice and helped us come up with a great plan for our Tech Center Week booth.”

Awards & Certifications

Join Our Team

Everyone who joins our team becomes an essential part of the “Evans Way”. We consider more than just technical skills and experience. We seek people who share our values and commitment to a human-centered approach to work and life.