Ana Gross: The First Face of Evans

As is the case with most companies, a member of our administrative team is the first Evans team member that a prospective new employee or an office visitor meets. For us, that is Ana Gross, our Office Manager, and she’s the best “First Face” a company could ask for. She embodies everything our employees love about working at Evans.

Ana has set the friendly and helpful tone for employees and guests alike as they enter our offices for over 11 years! What insiders know is she is the duck on the water. Or is it bird in the air? What we know and appreciate is Ana’s ability to juggle the administrative aspects to keep our office functioning with the human-centered aspect of keeping our people productive, and overall, all of Evans moving in a positive direction.

When needed, she’s not afraid to play the Mom role, reminding us to put our dirty dishes in the dishwasher, to wipe down our workspace or to leave a conference room as we found it. But what she does best is exercise her WOO (winning others over) by finding a way to inject the perfect amount of comedic comradery into our office.

The best example of her timely and creative sense of humor can be found in the inter-office birthday cards she creates for every employee on their special day. For every employee, and without fail, year in and year out. They’re always laugh-out- loud funny but slanted in a way to point out something special about that employee. As an example, for my birthday in 2014 she was able to tie the “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” quote from the Shining with an appreciation for the extensive list of all the different things, at work and home, that I had going on.

Outside of the office, Ana carries her artistic talents and love of life into her passion for photography, art, and the wonderful friendships she has built with those around her. Ana is always the first to say “let’s get together for a quick picture” – and I am certain all of her friends, like all of us at Evans, love having her at the party because she so naturally captures those moments that pass so many of us by.

So, on Administrative Professionals Day we give a shout out to someone that’s so much more than that, she’s our heart and soul and the best “First Face” any company could wish for!

Rumor has it, Ana also plays a mean game of Frisbee, speaks multiple languages, and is not afraid of bar hopping in DC, accompanied by protective male co-workers.

Ana with the guys